Woodturning is my passion and l enjoy demonstrating and teaching woodturning.  I have created quite a few videos on woodturning projects and techniques that are available here

I am gratified at the amazing growth in subscribers, views and feedback comments. If someone was in my shop and they did not understand what or why I was doing something or thought they had a better way, I would want them to ask the question or provide their insight. As I typically say in my videos, "Welcome to my shop!" So feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Hi Mike. I always look at your videos over and over again. Always something I missed. I watched the video on "How to turn a wood handle " . I turned a nice handle for my lathe tool. I finished it with a nice ferule and then thought "How and I going to put a hole in it for the metal tool?" So I watched your video but when you got to the part of how to drill a hole for the tool, all I could see was your camo jacket. Do you have another video on how to put a hole into the handle that is already made? I have no way to chuck the handle in the lathe except maybe to drive the head stock spur into my nice handle and ??? I'm lost I think? Hope you can help me. Charles. or dreadcat

  2. Put a jacobs chuck with your drill bit in the headstock. Take out your live center and use the quill to drive the handle on to the spinning drill bit while you hold on to the handle. Once you get it strated you should just be able to push the handle on to the drill.