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Now that I am producing YouTube videos and placing them on my channel, I will no longer update this list. Go to my YouTube channel to see the complete list. https://www.youtube.com/user/mpax356/feed?activity_view=3&view_as=public

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  1. Hi Mike, I thought that I had posted a comment when I was in Virginia, but it apparently didn't go through. My internet there is very iffy, as I'm in the mountains. I took your class on a Thursday at Mann Tool in Columbia, because I was headed up to the mountains the next day. Anyway, I enjoyed it thoroughly and got a lot out of it. I would recommend you as a demonstrator, instructor to anyone.Thanks for the class

  2. Mike. I just read a review on the EZ "Pro" Threading Jig by John Keeton. In it, he said that you had also reviewed the jig. I haven't been able to find that review on your blogspot. Can you post it or e-mail it to me? If that's not practical, what were your thoughts on it? Waaaaar Eagle!!! Rod M

  3. Actually, the review was due to be published in Woodturning Design in the next issue. But then it went bankrupt. Oh well. I submitted it to Fred Holder for his on line magazine. http://www.morewoodturningmagazine.com/
    The short review is that it works well and good value for a hobbyist that wants a jig for occasional use. If I was doing production boxes and could justify the extra costs, I would prefer the Baxter jig. There were some manufacturing quality control issues in the beginning. Sometimes a chuck would not thread on to the nosepiece. But I think the US distributor got those resolved.