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I have been demonstrating woodturning for several years and am available to conduct demonstrations and workshops for your chapter. I very much enjoy helping others learn about woodturning. This comes from both my passion for woodturning, but also from my extensive training background. 

My Training Background

I have been an instructor and trainer throughout my work life. I taught Principles of Management part-time for Jefferson State Community College and served as an adjunct faculty member of the US Army Command General Staff College for many years.

I helped to develop a training program to prepare demonstrators under an Educational Opportunity Grant from the AAW awarded to Chattahoochee Woodturners. Part of this training program was the production of the Planning and Presenting a Successful Demonstration video now available the AAW website.

Private Lessons

I also teach private lessons in my home workshop on woodturning basics, bowl turning, box making, texturing and thread chasing. Contact me for more information. 

 My charges
Per Hour*
Private hands hands on
Semi private hands on
Three or more
*Two hour minimum

My Demonstrations

My demonstrations generally focus on teaching tool technique and tool use applied to a specific project. Projects might include coffee scoops, winged box or boxes in general. I try to include specific turning tips that even experienced turners will find useful. My demonstrations are characterized by careful planning, staging and the use of visual aids and handouts to enhance learning as opposed to completing a work of art. Several of my demonstrations have been videotaped and uploaded to YouTube by Gwinnett Woodworkers. You can also find the links on my blog page Resources

Demonstration Topics

These are examples of some of the demonstrations I have done.

Christmas Ornaments
Hot air balloon ornament, a hand bell ornament and perhaps more as well as tips and tricks for folks making ornaments to kick them up a notch

Turning Small Spindle Projects

In this demo Mike will demonstrate several small spindle projects each with their own different method for chucking: light and fan pulls, knobs, and pill boxes.

Add Pizzazz With Hand Chased Threads

 Ever thought about adding threads to your lidded boxes, jars, or urns?  Mike will demonstrate the ABC’s of traditional hand thread chasing techniques as he makes a box with a threaded lid. He will show how he uses various shop made ancillary tools in hand threading. 


Add Pizzazz With a Threading Jig

Mike will demonstrate how you can consistently and easily cut threads with a thread cutting jig. He will demonstrate a shop made threading jig costing less than you would pay for a pair of hand thread chasers. His article on making this jig is scheduled for publication in an upcoming issue of the “American Woodturner”. 

Add Pizzazz with Texturing

Mike Peace will show how to add embellishments to turning projects such as bowls and boxes using a variety of texturing tools such as the Sorby or Crown Spiraling and Texturing tools, Knurling Tool, mini texturing tool with Dremel burr and a chatter tool. Mike’s article on Texturing and Spiraling was published in the December 2013 issue of American Woodturner.

Turning Coffee Scoops

In this demo Mike Peace shows how to make two different style coffee scoops. One is a one piece coffee scoop with a captive ring and turned in two axes. The second is a two piece Ruth Niles style coffee scoop.

Introduction to Spindle Turning

Mike Peace will cover the basics of spindle turning and how it can be useful to any woodworker who might be interested in turning a table leg, baluster or simply want to make a new handle for a file.


Lidded Box

Mike Peace goes through the basics of box making from rough turning to finish turning. He will also cover design aspects of box making. Note: This demonstration could include making a threaded box if desired for longer demonstrations. 


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