Friday, April 6, 2018

Virtual Live Video Prep Continues

Here is a recent video I did showing a laptop stand I made for my shop. So who needs a laptop stand in their shop? Anyone using webcams and other inputs for real time switching live feeds with the feed going straight to a laptop instead of to memory card. Simultaneously it can be broadcast to an individual or group. Think Video teleconference!

I still need to do more playing around with it. The switch  on my cheap mini portable keyboard broke after a few uses but after the Amazon 30 day return period. Oh well. Did I say it was cheap? About $15 so not a big deal. Trying to decide on a replacement. I can still use an awl to turn it on and off so still useable - sort of.  I need to make more videos with this setup. The setup takes a bit more effort than simply using a camcorder since I now use three webcams instead of  a single camcorder. And I need to bring the laptop back to my office for editing any video I make.  And perhaps my Blue Yet Mic if I need to do any voiceover.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Live Demos Over the Internet

Isn't technology wonderful! It is now possible for demonstrations to be conducted live over the internet with the demonstrator operating their own equipment in their shop and presenting to a chapter across the country. One of my clubs, the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association had Lyle Jamieson do a presentation like this and I was impressed. It was absolutely like he was there in person.
Advantages to a club:
  • The opportunity to see a demonstrator they could not get to their club meeting.
  • Lower costs because there are no travel costs. 
  • Often, better video than a club gets with their own camera operator and equipment because the demonstrator has a better lighting and video setup than a club might have.
Advantages for the Demonstrator
  • No travel
  • No packing and unpacking
  • Using their own equipment with more options to show tools and have backup if there is some type of equipment failure
Here is a link to a presentation by Alan Zeinrich who is a woodturning pioneer in this area.

Is your club interested in having me do a live video demonstration? 
I would be interested in working with your club to make this happen. I have two virtual live club demonstrations scheduled. The biggest constraint is the club must have a broadband internet connection and a laptop or tablet they can connect to a monitor. The club also needs a champion willing to work with me to make sure we are both fully operational.  If you have some interest, let's talk. You can message me through my Woodturning Facebook page, my Youtube channel (send me a message through my About tab), or look me up in the AAW Membership directory. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Back from John C Campbell Folk School

Part of my compensation from taching a weekend class at the John C Campbell Folk School last September was a paid up weekend class. So I took a class with John Keeton on "Turning an Ogee Bowl with Bling." I had a great time and now know the secret to achieving the elusive true ogee bowl shape. The band is textured with some acrylic gel medium and then highlighted with acrylic paints.