Saturday, August 19, 2017

YouTube Creator Day Atlanta

I attended a YouTube conference today in Atlanta. It was fun but don't feel I got as much out of it as the one I attended more than a year ago. I have gained a lot of experience in the YouTube channel management process in the past year. Making the video is just part of the process. Then there is the upload process and creating an intriguing thumbnail and title along with a description that all support discovery. Then comes posting and adding to appropriate playlists and metadata that will help YouTube appropriately place the video. And adding Cards and End Cards to promote other videos.

Here is a picture of me and my new 50 best friends! Can you spot me with the Got Wood T Shirt left of middle toward the back?

Here are the "YouTube Celebs" that did a panel discussion. One, Roberto Blake, the gentleman with the hat, is someone I subscribed to a while back and watch quite a bit as he is quite an expert on managing YouTube channels.

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