Friday, August 18, 2017

What is an ‘Ussie’?

I attended the Georgia Association of Woodturners meeting last night because I did not want to miss Eric Loftstrom's last demo before he flys home to Seattle. I asked to take a "Selfie" with him and he of course said yes, but explained it was really an "Ussie."

I never heard that one but did look it up and found this explanation:
According to the urban dictionary, Ussie is  ‘A self-inflicted group photo; when the participant of a group photo also acts as the picture taker’. The number of participants in an "Ussie" is not limited. Though not always, the background in an "Ussie" is often the focal point and subject matter of the picture. In simple words, people have started calling ‘group selfies’ as ‘Ussies’ (Us-Selfies). It has other variations too, which depends on the number of participants, e.g. Twofie (for Ussie with comprising of two people), Threefie (for Ussie with three people) & so on. What more? Ussie is already a hashtag on Instagram. Ussie is definitely the new fad!

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