Friday, May 26, 2017

Live Demos Over the Internet

Isn't technology wonderful! It is now possible for demonstrations to be conducted live over the internet with the demonstrator operating their own equipment in their shop and presenting to a chapter across the country. One of my clubs, the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association had Lyle Jamieson do a presentation like this and I was impressed. It was absolutely like he was there in person.
Advantages to a club:

  • The opportunity to see a demonstrator they could not get to their club meeting.
  • Lower costs because there are no travel costs. 
  • In many instances, better video than a club gets with their own camera operator and equipment because the demonstrator has a better lighting and video setup than a club might have.
Advantages for the Demonstrator
  • No travel
  • Using their own equipment with more options to show tools and have backup if there is some type of equipment failure
Here is a link to a presentation by Alan Zeinrich who is a woodturning pioneer in this area.

Is your club interested in having me do a live video demonstration? 
I would be interested in working with you to make this happen. I have not done one yet but do not think it would take too much effort to set up for one. The biggest constraint is the club must have a broad band internet connection and a champion willing to work with me to make sure we were both fully operational.  If you have some interest, let's talk. You can message me through my Facebook page, my Youtube channel (send me a message through my About tab), or look me up in the AAW Membership directory. 

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tip of the Week! New YouTube Channel Feature

I am now posting a weekly wood turning tip on my YouTube channel. I have been experimenting to find the best time to upload and have settled on Wednesday at 7 AM EDT. If you have not subscribe, do so and "Ring the Bell" so you will be notified whenever I release a new video. Go ahead, it doesn't cost you anything!

This is an addition to the weekly regular woodturning tutorial I release on Friday morning at 7 AM EDT.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rookie Carpenter/Laborer for a Day

Every year my church's Mens group go to Camp Glisson. We hang out on Friday night, have some sort of devotional, cook and eat a meal together and tell war stories. We sleep in bunk beds.  The next day we tackle some type of construction project to help get the camp ready for the coming summer.

The last few years we have been working on building new camp sites for the kids with some type of central cooking and eating shelter and some type of deck facilities for the kids to sleep on with some overhead shelter.

We have a few folks with pretty good building skills including a couple of engineers that can generally figure most anything out. We break into smaller teams of 3 - 5 workers depending on the project. The camp provides the materials and a vision. Most teams will have someone that can use a Skill saw and operate a drill or a chain saw. Some folks show up with very few skills but a helpful attitude to act as Gunga Din and water bottle resupply or haul construction material or "go fetch".  It is a lot of fun and by the end of the day we are worn out. Many of us are retired and getting on in years and it is sometimes frustrating when we can't lift as much as we would like or go as fast as we used to. But at the end of the day we can look back to see what we accomplished as a team with the Lord's help and smile.