Monday, November 27, 2017

Woodturned Miniature Birds

I have been turning a few miniature birds for bird house ornaments. They are so cute! I think they are much improved over the expensive and hard to find minature birds I have used in the past. Here is what I am talking about. I show how to make these in part 2 of my two part series.
I have started mounting them on the roof instead of the perch for added interest.

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

My Amazon Shop

 Click here to go directly to my Amazon Shop. This blog and my YouTube channel are about sharing my passion for woodturning. I want to provide woodturning content that will teach and inspire. I release a new video each Friday and a woodturning tip on Tuesday.  I am pleased to announce that I have become an Amazon Influencer. What the heck does that mean you ask?

Well, Amazon has a new program where folks like me who have put in a lot of effort to create a successful YouTube channel and a community of like minded viewers, can actually get compensated for their efforts.  Here is an example.  A couple of years ago I created a video called How to Make Your Own Parting Tool. In the video I explained how I found the HSS blank I used on Amazon. Now if anyone wants to make that parting tool and buy the blank from Amazon, they can do so through my Amazon shop.  I don't expect this to be a big deal as I am only going to list a limited number of woodturning products that I have used and can personally recommend. 

Your trust is important to me. I do not do what I do to make money! Believe me there is very little in the way of revenue for a small channel like mine. I could make far more money in less time as a part-time Walmart Greeter! But covering my hobby expenses is nice and earning a few bucks from Amazon will allow me to continue to improve the content on my channel and perhaps upgrade my camera and sound equipment.

I welcome your comments and continued support.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Granddaughters Are Special

Granddaughters are special. I love being able to make things for them. I turned a Harry Potter wand for Pepper and did not know that she planned to dress up as Harry Potter for Halloween. She loved the wand as an accessory. And she loved playing a cameo role at the end of the video I made on turning a wand.

My younger granddaughter, Poet, was going trick or treating as a police officer so I turned her a billy club. So gratifying to sea their pictures on Face Book enjoying something their grandpa made!

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Portland 2018 - AAW Symposium

I am excited to announce that I have been selected to demonstrate at the national symposium for the American Association of Woodturners! This will be held in Portland, OR on June 14-16, 2018. I will have a couple of rotations on Add Pizzazz with Texturing Tools and Add Pizzazz With Hand Chased Threads. This is a great honor and the second opportunity to demonstrate at the national level. I previously demonstrated in Atlanta at the 2016 symposium.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Turning Southern Style

What a great weekend in Dalton attending the Turning Southern Style Symposium put on by my club, The Georgia Association of Woodturners.  I was pleased at the money brought in at auction totaling over $8000. It will be used primarily for woodturning scholarships. I was pleased at the money brought in from the Acorn box I donated for this auction as shown here.  But my most pleasant surprise was winning the Suzie Tindall Memorial Scholarship for a week at John C. Campbell Folk School or Arrowmont!
Here is a link to the video I did showing some of the highlights of the event.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

My class at John C. Campbell Folk School

Wow, what a fun weekend! I got together with a great assistant instructor, Jerry Chandler, and ten of my newest woodturning friends for a class at the Folk School in Brasstown, N.C.

Jerry and I showed up expecting eight students but the number had climbed to ten, a challenging size since only a few had any turning experience. We started off with the basic beads and cove stick and progressed to a handy carvers mallet, a great addition for any shop. We moved on to using a scroll chuck as we turned a spin top with chattering from a dinner knife. Then on to an awl which helped teach the process of making most any woodturning tool handle.
We finished with a change to perpindicular grain with a small ring bowl. I think just about everyone experienced turning pine, osage orange, bradford pear and perhaps oak or dogwood.
We had a lot of impressed lookers at the Sunday morning show and tell of class results.
Here is a short video I threw together. I was too busy during class time to think about using my camcorder.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

YouTube Creator Day Atlanta

I attended a YouTube conference today in Atlanta. It was fun but don't feel I got as much out of it as the one I attended more than a year ago. I have gained a lot of experience in the YouTube channel management process in the past year. Making the video is just part of the process. Then there is the upload process and creating an intriguing thumbnail and title along with a description that all support discovery. Then comes posting and adding to appropriate playlists and metadata that will help YouTube appropriately place the video. And adding Cards and End Cards to promote other videos.

Here is a picture of me and my new 50 best friends! Can you spot me with the Got Wood T Shirt left of middle toward the back?

Here are the "YouTube Celebs" that did a panel discussion. One, Roberto Blake, the gentleman with the hat, is someone I subscribed to a while back and watch quite a bit as he is quite an expert on managing YouTube channels.

Friday, August 18, 2017

What is an ‘Ussie’?

I attended the Georgia Association of Woodturners meeting last night because I did not want to miss Eric Loftstrom's last demo before he flys home to Seattle. I asked to take a "Selfie" with him and he of course said yes, but explained it was really an "Ussie."

I never heard that one but did look it up and found this explanation:
According to the urban dictionary, Ussie is  ‘A self-inflicted group photo; when the participant of a group photo also acts as the picture taker’. The number of participants in an "Ussie" is not limited. Though not always, the background in an "Ussie" is often the focal point and subject matter of the picture. In simple words, people have started calling ‘group selfies’ as ‘Ussies’ (Us-Selfies). It has other variations too, which depends on the number of participants, e.g. Twofie (for Ussie with comprising of two people), Threefie (for Ussie with three people) & so on. What more? Ussie is already a hashtag on Instagram. Ussie is definitely the new fad!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Eric Lofstrom Workshop

I had a great time participating in a hands on workshop with Eric Lofstrom! Eric flew in from near Seattle, WA to do some demonstrations for the Georgia Association of Woodturners and a couple of related clubs as well as conduct our workshop. It is never too late to learn and I picked up some great tips on sharpening tools to a razer sharp edge. Eric has a strong background in physical healthe and provided tips on the bio-mechanics of the "turners dance". You can learn more about Eric at his webiste
If you have an opportunity to get some instruction from him, you will not be disappointed.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Cremation Urn

Brian David Peace, age 41, of Marietta, GA, passed away on Sunday, July 16, 2017 at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta. He was born April 23, 1976, in Birmingham, AL, to Michael and Barbara (Smith) Peace. He was a 1994 graduate of Greater Atlanta Christian School and a 1999 graduate of the University of North Alabama with a degree in Theater & Communications. He married Heather Caughman on May 19, 2002, in St. John, U.S.V.I. and later created two amazing children. Brian worked at several restaurants in the North Atlanta area and was known by many as the best bartender around. He brought countless people joy while ‘performing’ behind his ‘stage’, mixing the best margaritas, telling the best stories and, most of all, being a good listener. He was also a musician, able to play a variety of instruments, and could cover Bob Dylan better than anyone. But his oldest friends know him best as an amazing stage actor with a talent and spirit that couldn’t be contained.

He is survived by his wife, Heather; his two daughters, Pepper Lily and Poet Annabelle; his parents, Mike and Barbara; his grandmother, Thelma Smith; his brother Jason (Grace) Peace and many aunts, uncles, cousins and close friends.

I turned this cremation urn several years ago while getting some instruction on hollow forms from Wes Jones. I kept it in my office joking it would be my cremation urn if I did not get around to turning a better one. Sadly, it now holds Brian's ashes. He had gone into the emergancy room at Northside Forsyth and we were told he would need a kidney transplant. We were so blessed that he was accepted into Emory where he got world class care from a dedicated, caring group of specialists at the Transplant ICU. Despite all of their efforts, Brian had picked up an infection that they were unable to overcome.

We had a Celebration of Life for him at the clubhouse in my neighborhood. It was wonderful to have some many family members, neighbors and close friends of Brian's attend. He was  a special man and touched so many lives. We miss you Brian.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Woodturn a Bird

I turned this cute multi axis duck several years ago for my granddaughter.

I thought it would be a great project for my club's hands on woodturning session that I facilitate each month. As I prepared for the workshop I recognized that it was a bit more challenging than I initially thought. I could not remember exactly how I had turned it. The problem is every time I tried to duplicate it, I got a catch on the tail feathers.

Serendipity! I happen to run across  a picture on internet of a bird that had been turned on a wood lathe that got me intrigued. Especially since I announced the multi axis duck project which appeared doomed to failure! So I played around with the concept of an off axis woodturning to create a pretty cool bird. I made a video that will be out this Friday on my YouTube channel, but here is what they look like.

Let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Tip of the Week! New YouTube Channel Feature

I am now posting a weekly wood turning tip on my YouTube channel. I have been experimenting to find the best time to upload and have settled on Wednesday at 7 AM EDT. If you have not subscribe, do so and "Ring the Bell" so you will be notified whenever I release a new video. Go ahead, it doesn't cost you anything!

This is an addition to the weekly regular woodturning tutorial I release on Friday morning at 7 AM EDT.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Rookie Carpenter/Laborer for a Day

Every year my church's Mens group go to Camp Glisson. We hang out on Friday night, have some sort of devotional, cook and eat a meal together and tell war stories. We sleep in bunk beds.  The next day we tackle some type of construction project to help get the camp ready for the coming summer.

The last few years we have been working on building new camp sites for the kids with some type of central cooking and eating shelter and some type of deck facilities for the kids to sleep on with some overhead shelter.

We have a few folks with pretty good building skills including a couple of engineers that can generally figure most anything out. We break into smaller teams of 3 - 5 workers depending on the project. The camp provides the materials and a vision. Most teams will have someone that can use a Skill saw and operate a drill or a chain saw. Some folks show up with very few skills but a helpful attitude to act as Gunga Din and water bottle resupply or haul construction material or "go fetch".  It is a lot of fun and by the end of the day we are worn out. Many of us are retired and getting on in years and it is sometimes frustrating when we can't lift as much as we would like or go as fast as we used to. But at the end of the day we can look back to see what we accomplished as a team with the Lord's help and smile.

Monday, April 17, 2017

Turning Southern Style, Sep 1 - 17, 2017

Now is the time to start thinking about the Turning SouthernStyle Woodturning Symposium in Dalton, GA Sep 15 - 17, 2017. What a great opportunity to see some great demonstrations, shop with the some of the premier woodturning vendors and hangout with a bunch of other woodturners. I already made my hotel reservation. More info at their website.

Friday, April 14, 2017

2 Guys, 2 Shops - a Video Collaboration

I had a great time working with fellow woodturner and YouTuber, Rick Morris, on a video series on setting up your woodturning shop.  Hope you will find this 3 part series useful. Parts one and three are on my channel and part 2 is on Rick's channel, RickTurns.

I came up with this idea several months ago and approached Rick with it. At that time we had never met although both of us were familiar with each others channel. This collaborative effort involved several collaborative shop visits with each other. Rick had lots of creative ideas and did all of the editing.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Atlanta WoodWorking Show 2017

I spent April 3, 2017 at the Atlanta Woodworking Show. I have been attending the WW show since before I retired. I usually hang out at the Georgia Association of Woodturners booth demonstrating woodturning and answering questions about woodturning and trying to get folks who have a lathe to connect with a woodturning guild of the American Association of Woodturners. This year I demonstrated at the Gwinnett Woodworkers booth. I had the opportunity to meet fellow YouTuber, Carl Jacobson, in person. I have watched his YouTube channel for years.
I did a video of the show from the perspective of a woodturner.

Friday, March 31, 2017

Wood Dye

I tend to be mostly a "brown and round" turner. I guess probably because I don't have much native "artistic" ability. Sometimes this is not obvious to the casual viewer since I have developed some woodturning skills. And I can frequently turn something similar to others with far more native artistic ability. Copying the work of others is not the same as coming up with an original idea.

But, playing with color on wood is an embellishing technique I have started playing with. One way to do this is with dye. There are various coloring techniques applicable to wood:

  • Staining
  • Bleaching
  • Pyrography and Lichtenberg burning
  • Scorching
  • Patinating waxesG
  • Gilding and metallic waxes
  • Dyes
  • Inlays
  • Air brushing
  • and more 
I have to say using color just isn't comfortable for me. I have never used an airbrush and not ready to try that yet. But I have done a little bit with Transtint dyes using water or alcohol.  I discovered a new Georgia company that manufactures a variety of colorants for woodturners and others. I like their comment, 

Well, I can hope that I can move from good craftsman to artist. But more importantly to me, it is another tool to play with and have fun. And having fun is what it is all about!
Here is a recent experiment with spray dye. It is not as precise as airbrushing but it is oh so simple!

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Wheelie Bug Pull Toy

I made the pull toy on the right for my granddaughter Poet when she was a toddler. My extended family has an active toddler who might play with one so I thought it might make a good video to demonstrate making another one.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Woodturning a Chess Set

I had been turning almost 9 years before I got around to turning a chess set. Probably because I don't play chess so hated to put that much time and effort into a project that would go into a box on the shelf. But I finally did it and put it on the dining room table. And it was the basis for a chess set making series I did for my YouTube channel. So this led to me asking my 8 year granddaughter, when she had a sleepover,  if she wanted to learn to play a new game. So we played a few games. Well this led to her getting involved in an after school chess program and winning a trophy!  The picture of her with the trophy was well worth the time I spent turning her chess set.

So, I guess her younger sibling may have been a bit jealous when she asked me to play chess with her! So this inspired me to make another set so each would eventually end up with an heirloom chess set made by their "Bepaw".

Here is a link to the short video I did on the second set. I did quite a bit of research to come up with a design I liked with a knight I thought I could carve.  The design is one I saw of a Soviet era Russian chess set I saw on the internet. The light pieces are Bradford Pear and the green pieces are Persimmon. I am pleased how the chess sets turned out but more so on the opportunity to find something else for me to do together with my granddaughters.

If you are interested in making a chess set, check out the post I did last April on the first set I turned.
I did a complete video series with lots of detail on making a chess set. It is the set my granddaughter is studying above.  I have scale drawings to that set under the Resources tab.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Offering Plates

I was asked to make some offering plates for my small church. I was honored and got started. I used kiln dried red oak and here are the three plates I turned.  This presented several challenges:

  1. Getting the right wood. I attempted this a few years ago with white oak that was still green and most of the blanks and rough turnings cracked. Kiln dried wood is the only way to go. But it did require jointing two pieces to get 12" blanks.
  2. coming up with a design that will allow them to stack
  3. making them identical 
Wes Jones, a member of my club wrote an article on this for the American Woodturner and was gracious enough to allow me to post to my website for others to use.
Here is the video I made for this project.