Monday, April 11, 2016

Chess Set Plans

I recently did a video series on making a chess set. I can't draw nor can I use any computer drawing CAD/CAM program. 

Gideon (Gidi) Azar, from Australia,  plans to turn a full size chess set based on the set I turned in the video series. He has given me permission to post his full size scale drawings on my website where they will be available for download.  I have posted his scale drawings for  all of the pieces below.
Gidi, is a turner after my own heart with researching chess patterns, studying Mike Darlow’s book and turning prototypes. Thanks so much, Gidi,  for making your drawings available. I look forward to seeing pictures of your completed set. 

Here is the link to the downloadable pdf file which can also be found under the Resources tab. It is for 8 1/2" X 11" letter size paper. 

Here is the link for scale drawings printed on A4 paper, common in Europe and Australia 

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