Sunday, January 10, 2016

Comments and Feedback is Requested

I haven't posted in a while. This website gets few comments so it is not clear how many visitors I get or how useful it is.
If you find anything useful here, please let me know with a comment. If you feel you wasted your time coming to this website, you can let me know that also.

This website is clearly a secondary effort to my YouTube videos, but I ask for your feedback on my woodturning videos as well.
  • What ideas do have for future videos?
  • Do you like longer topics that span a series, like my 3 part series on turning fruit or the recent 3 part series on Making and Using Small Round tools?

YouTube provides me a lot of statistics. 
On average the overall percentage of the total video time viewed is 34%.  Some click and leave immediately of course and a few folks watch the entire video. When digging behind this number I see it is about 44% for the US and somewhat lower for other English speaking countries. But more than half of my viewers are from outside the US. So, with so many viewers whose primary language is not English, clearly the value of the videos drop off. I welcome any feedback for making my videos more useful for viewers outside the US. I suspect most viewers are aware of the English closed caption option, although the translations sometimes are comical.


  1. Hi Mike, we are in Los Angeles. I just found out I am allergic to walnut tree, and we have a walnut tree with a large burl... Do you know how we would find someone to remove and buy it? Thanks! My email is

  2. Hello Mike, I really enjoy your videos and website. The resource section has been a great help to me as I struggle to improve my woodturning skills. I would love to see one of your demonstrations in person if you ever get to Ohio. Keep up the great work. Dennis

  3. I just commented on one of your videos (pill case).
    I have only just found your blog (that you mentioned in your video).

    I am looking forward to going through your existing content.

  4. Hello Mike,
    I live in the UK and I think that yours were the first woodturning videos that I started watching ... I just have a small lathe. I like your videos, informal, interesting and generally well planned. I can see and appreciate that you put time into preparation for your work.
    I like the fact that you make videos of differing legths for your subject matter and I find that the longer ones are, naturally, more detailed. As a new turner, at least to a full sized, lathe (just a small one), in videos, I am looking for as much detailed explanation of work in progress as I can, particularly on the correct use of the various tools. Most of yours fit the bill for me.
    I am interested in boxes so hollowing without catches is what I am currently looking for. I made a box recently ... my first ... and had a few catches inside with it but did repair and complete it anyway and I am still pleased with it, a video on that would help me ... what best tools to use etc... for those inexperienced ones among your viewers, those who maybe are still mastering the basic
    Anyway Mike ... I like your videos, I like the style of them ... you come across as a nice person. Thankyou for taking the time to make and share them.
    (posting as anonymous, only because none of the other designations fit)

  5. Thanks so much for your kind words, Lynda. Happy my videos have been helpful. I enjoy making boxes and I am sure will be adding another video on that. Meanwhile, have you seen the three part series of a box demo I did for a club or the video I did on roughing out a box blank?

  6. Hello Sir,
    I am brand new to turning. I've been watching lots of you tube for help and inspiration. I bought a lathe to help get my young kids interested in woodwork. We homeschool them and am using the opportunity well. I'm looking for your link to the article you wrote about coffee scoops. I like your content.

    P.s. do we have to waste so much wood when turning? Seems like we could plan better and make the wood go further. Is it work it?

  7. I don't worry about wasting wood since just about all of my turning comes from trees destined for the land fill. Go to my youtube channel and you should be able to find any video you want using the search function. I have a recent video on that!