Sunday, January 10, 2016

Woodturning FUNdamentals

A lot of woodturners mourn the passing of Woodturning Design magazine. However, did you know that the American Association of Woodturners publishes a digital magazine concentrating on beginner type articles? It comes out six time a year in the months between the regular printed magazine American Woodturner.  I just had an article in the most recent issue. Turning a pillbox may not be new to those of you who watch my videos or visit this site.

Comments and Feedback is Requested

I haven't posted in a while. This website gets few comments so it is not clear how many visitors I get or how useful it is.
If you find anything useful here, please let me know with a comment. If you feel you wasted your time coming to this website, you can let me know that also.

This website is clearly a secondary effort to my YouTube videos, but I ask for your feedback on my woodturning videos as well.
  • What ideas do have for future videos?
  • Do you like longer topics that span a series, like my 3 part series on turning fruit or the recent 3 part series on Making and Using Small Round tools?

YouTube provides me a lot of statistics. 
On average the overall percentage of the total video time viewed is 34%.  Some click and leave immediately of course and a few folks watch the entire video. When digging behind this number I see it is about 44% for the US and somewhat lower for other English speaking countries. But more than half of my viewers are from outside the US. So, with so many viewers whose primary language is not English, clearly the value of the videos drop off. I welcome any feedback for making my videos more useful for viewers outside the US. I suspect most viewers are aware of the English closed caption option, although the translations sometimes are comical.