Friday, October 30, 2015

Turning Wood Fruit - 3 Part Series

I am making a new video just about every week and posting to my YouTube channel so I am not putting all of the links here as that would be redundant. But Here is a 3 part series I want to highlight on Turning Wood Fruit. Part 1 is on Turning Apples.
Part 2 is on turning Pears
Part 3 is on making Bananas on a Bandsaw. These bananas were all made of Bradford Pear since that is what I had on hand in the appropriate size. Note how real the one in the middle is that I dyed yellow with Transtint dye!
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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Latest happenings

I had a great time today hanging out with friends at Woodtoberfest at Hardwoods Inc. Nick Cook was demonstrating as were a few folks at Gwinnett Woodworkers. Free lunch and I met some new turners. No pictures, unfortunately.

Here are some cute little birds I turned. Got the idea for the two on the left from pictures on Pinterest of some old Scandinavian items. The one on the right was inspired from a wood bird at Hobby Lobby made in China and selling for a couple of bucks. You can see some of the other cute animals I found and pinned on my board at Pinterest called Wood Animals. I always found Google images handy to find a variety of pictures of something I  am interested in. But for those of you who have not checked out Pinterest, give it a try. Here is a link to one of my boards on Woodturning Ideas. Great place for a variety of images on everything and you can easily collect the ones you like on a board of your own (or two or three!)