Friday, August 7, 2015

Turn a Stool

I decided to make a child's stool for someone and figured it would make a good YouTube video. As I was pondering it, I decided to start with a simple 3 legged milk stool. Here is the link to that video.
I made it out of pine since I had that readily available and it did turn out pretty well.

But for a child's stool, I really want it to be very stable. A three legged stool always sits flat, but it is more prone to tipping over when being climbed on by a youngster as demonstrated here with my granddaughter Pepper. So, as I am looking around for some wood in my shop, I remembered being given  some 4" square 8' long timbers of cherry by someone who had them for over 20 years. They had planned to make a table but never got around to it. As I started cutting it up I realized it was actually Walnut, which would be perfect with a lighter colored wood for the seat. So I am looking around and see a 12" wide spalted bowl billet that I was given over a year ago and it had been drying 4 years then. So here is the result. Here is the link to the video:
Being the thorough, detail driven turner that I am, I tend to research a bit, when preparing a video project. Kind of reminds me of doing a term paper. By the time you finish researching, you generally know a lot more about the topic than the average person on the street. Here are a couple of great resources I found:
Nick Cook has a great article, "Stool School", he published a while back in the American Woodturner that you will find here
Alan Leland teaches a lot of stoolmaking classes and has an excellent handout on his website
Ernie Conover did an article on making a shop stool that you can access here:

As I knew my videos would be long, I decided to put some of the material on turning legs in a third video that you can find here