Sunday, May 24, 2015

Fun weekend at Southern States Woodturning Symposium last weekend in Cartersville, GA despite the evidence of weak organization and planning and poor attendance. I have not missed one of these since I started woodturning back in 2007. This was one was I have seen all three of the principal demonstrators demonstrate before but still enjoyable. I guess being older has its advantages in that you never hear an old joke or if you do, you don't remember the punchline.
Chris Ramsey's hat lighting chuck.

Kim Winkle's milk paint finish

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Middle Georgia Woodturners Demo 5-5-15

I had a fun time demonstrating how to turn a lidded box for the Middle GA Woodturners down in Macon. Very hospitable group with about 36 in attendance.  It was on somewhat short notice and we decided on a lidded box after determining their Jet 1442 was not suitable for threading. Because of my concentration on threaded boxes, I had to crank out a lot of practice boxes in the preceding couple of weeks to get my timing down. My Compact Midi chuck would not close all of the way as their Jet 1442 spindle was a little long and rubbed on the jaw glides. Fortunately, their president had a SN2 in his car I was able to use. I will bring a plastic washer with me next time!