Saturday, February 21, 2015


Although I am horrified to hear of an accident occurring to a friend, I try to think about what happened when I am using a similar tool. The most recent safety wake-up call comes from my fellow woodturner, Sam Angelo, who tells part of his tale in this video.

Safety is important to anyone working with machinery and tools that can hurt you. I am a cautious individual by nature and tend to read the manufacturers instructions and warnings and try and follow them. When I started to get serious about woodworking shortly before I retired, I attended a class at Highland Woodworking on Woodworking Power Tool Safety. I had little previous experience with powered woodworking tools beyond an electric drill, a hand sander and a skill saw. This training gave me a healthy respect for what can go wrong.

My shop accidents tend to be the occasional splinter or scratch. It is easy to assume most folks would have a similar attitude. After all, would a rational person do anything where the logical consequence is the potential for a severe, even life-threatening injury?  Yet, I know so many woodworkers personally who have had accidents with their equipment. Their stories tended to have some common themes:
  • They knew there was a safer way, but they were in a hurry,
  • They were tired or distracted but kept working,
  • or, they minimized the risk in their minds because they were accustomed to doing it in an unsafe fashion because they had done it that way many times before without injury
Sorry to sound preachy. Be safe!


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  1. A good reminder. Accidents can happen to anyone so don't take anything for granted.