Monday, January 26, 2015

Finish It!

Finishing seems to be a hurdle for novice woodturners. In my latest video I show some of the finishes I use and explain why Miniwax Antique Oil is my favorite. I demonstrate my finishing process and show a few finishing tricks.

In this second video, Buffing for Woodturners,  I demonstrate the ins and outs of buffing woodturnings with the Beall buffing system in order to apply a smooth, tactile feel and a high gloss shine to your woodturnings.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Looking Back On Video Experiences

It has been a year since I filmed  my first YouTube video with a Canon Powershot point and shoot camera with a video mode. I had some exposure to YouTube as a member of the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (GWA). Besides being a flat work group with Saturday meetings they are also a chapter of the American Association of Woodturners. I did a demonstration on turning a winged box for the woodturning Special Interest Group which was videotaped and loaded to YouTube back in 2011. Since then it has had almost 200,00 views. This just blows me away! 
GWA 2013 Party

The following year another member and I did a demonstration for Gwinnett on Holding Wood on the Lathe. Unfortunately there was some technical difficulty that resulted in no video. Because the demonstration had been so well received, I was asked if I was willing to redo the demonstration, but in a staged setting with no audience so it could be videoed. As a result, I got exposed to the entire production process of making a video from scratch including a shooting script, staging the scenes, consideration of lighting and sound and editing. That video has had almost 60,000 views since then.

Sometime after that GWA actually had a class on making videos. These events planted a seed that really did not start to grow for almost two years. 

So this thank you is for the Gwinnett Woodworkers Association with special thanks to John Eaton who was the driving force behind the GWA uploading their videoed demonstrations to YouTube and the editor of the first couple of my demonstrations. I also want to thank Bob Brokaw, past President of GWA for convincing me to redo the demonstration on Holding Wood on the Lathe in order to make a video.  If you have not looked at the Gwinnett Woodworkers YouTube channel, I urge you to do so, especially if you are primarily a flat worker.

Rough Turn a Box Blank

I am enjoying the process of teaching with YouTube videos and excited that in the last twelve months, my woodturning videos have been seen over 20,000 times.  The viewer growth has been exponential with half the views taking place in the past month.

In my latest video I demonstrate how to rough turn box blanks. It is hard to turn a successful box from green wood without rough turning a blank to dry first.  Sure it takes 3 - 6 months for the box blank to dry, but once you get a few going, you always have one available.

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Woodturning Tips, Tricks and Jigs Part 2

Ok, that first video was a little long at about 34 minutes. I have heard from many sources that if a video runs much more than 10 minutes, viewers start dropping off. I guess I am an exception, but if it is a good show, I would rather watch an hour than 10 minutes. But I know I see a lot of things differently from most.

Anyway, I still had a lot of material left so thought I would make a Part 2 so here it is. If you watch it and like it, I encourage you to subscribe to my channel so you will be automatically notified when I post another video. Comments are welcome as well as suggestions for future videos.