Monday, May 26, 2014


I belong to Gwinnett Woodworkers Association (GWA) which meets most Saturday mornings with a
class of about an hour and a half on some aspect of woodworking. With probably 40 or so classes a year, many of the classes are presented by members.  GWA is also an AAW chapter and also has a Scroll Saw SIG which also has regular demonstrations.

Most of these classes (or demonstrations) are typically videotaped and uploaded to YouTube.  Another member, Steve Mellott, and I decided to hold a couple of classes on "Presenting a Successful Woodworking Demonstration".  We hope these two classes will help members do a better job and provide some members with the confidence to give demonstrating a try.

We are indebted to Frank Penta who published two best practices for the Association of American Woodturners on "Presenting an Effective Demonstration" and "Preparing an Effective Handout." We relied heavily on these two references in preparing out classes.  Our two classes were videotaped, edited and uploaded to the GWA YouTube channel where you can view them. Click here to get to the GWA channel on YouTube.

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