Sunday, March 16, 2014

Make a Mini Rotary Texturing Tool

Since I published my article on spiraling and texturing in the December American Woodturner, I have
been playing with some new texturing tools lately. I bought a couple of Wagner Tool knockoffs. They are fun to use and can add a nice detail to the bottom of a bowl or inside a box lid. My friend Bob Aldea came up with a low cost shop made alternative to the Henry Taylor Decorating Elf. I had a rare earth magnet on hand so was able to make one for less than $10. It also helped that Bob had found a deal for a bunch of the Oilite bushings so gave me a couple.  Thanks again, Bob.

Click here to see my instructions which includes sourcing of all parts for the tool pictured here, brief instructions on how to use and a link to a YouTube video (not mine) on how to use.

This is just another alternative to the Wagner Tool type knurling tools or the Sorby Spiraling and Texturing tools.  Time will tell what use if any it will be best suited for.  Meanwhile it is something I am experimenting with. I may have to invest in another cutter or two.  As Frugal as I am, I am not sure if I could justify to myself paying the money for the Decorating Elf given the texturing tools I already have. But for less than $10, this was a no brainer.


  1. Thanks Mike! I acquired a cutter and have been looking for such a plan detailing the parts needed and assembly. Much obliged!

  2. Good post very helpful, thanks Mike

  3. Nice one! We featured this tool in a recent newsletter:

    Judging from the comments it's gathered already, looks like it's very popular. I hope we've been able to bring you lots of visitors :)