Friday, February 28, 2014

Chain Saw Stuff

   Someone said that any wood on the side of the road is a potential bowl if you have your chainsaw with you. I saw a piece on the side of the road as I drove by it on the way to church a few weeks ago. I stopped by on the way back  and saw it was a clean chunk of ash about 14" in diameter. I strained to lift it up to my car trunk only to discover it was a little too big to fit. What to do?
      I went home, made a portable sawbuck and came back with it and my trusty Stihl MS290 chain saw.  Here is the wood before I cut it in half so I could carry it home.The sawbuck is simply four pieces of 2X4 about 12" long glued and pegged with dowels. I could have used screws and it would have been faster but with my luck my chainsaw blade would eventually find them.
If your chain ever touches the ground while moving it is trashed.


  1. where is finished piece of wood? Did it get home with you? Lynn

  2. I roughed out one bowl and haven't started on the remaining half yet.

  3. I have the same sawbuck and it works well. But for processing logs at home I don't like working so close to the ground (hard on the back) so I built an elevated sawbuck as designed by the Minnesota Woodturners Association,

    1. Thanks. I have been thinking about upgrading to one of those but will probably wait until mine is about gone.