Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flat Work Project

My woodturnings have started overflow my storage display. So, I decided to make a floating shelf. I did a Google search until I came up with some plans I liked. Here is a picture of the shelf I made.
This shelf is supported by a small frame that looks a little like a ladder that was fastened to the wall studs with 1/4"x4" lag bolts. The actual shelf is a hollow shell with the top and bottom of 5/16" plywood glued and nailed to an "L" frame with window casing added. This hollow shelf was slid over the supporting frame after adding some glue for stregth to the support ledge that is bolted to the wall. Then I used a nail gun and fastened the shelf at the back, top and bottom, to the frame. For this project, I re-purposed some of the plywood crate my Rikon bandsaw came in. The wall was not straight of course, which was going to leave a big gap. So I put a pencil inside a washer and moving the washer against the wall, scribed a line parallel with the wall. Then I took it down and cut along that line on my bandsaw. It took some effort but I am pleased with the results.

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