Wednesday, July 31, 2013

"Woodworm Screws" Article

On the left is my Titan chuck with its woodworm screw and on the right is my SuperNova2 chuck. The woodworm screw is a great way to hold many projects on the lathe. In this article I wrote that appears in The American Woodturner August 2013 you can learn more. You can download the article by clicking here.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

2013 American Association of Woodturners' Symposium is Over

Mike Mahoney demonstrating
Happy to be back home after three full days in Tampa. Some amazing, creative artists there that chose wood as their media. What a great opportunity to connect to folks around the country I have seen on YouTube or read their postings on some woodturning forum. It was gratifying to have a total stranger at the same lunch table tell me how much he enjoyed watching on YouTube my demonstration on turning a winged box. It is a small world of woodturners. 
Here is a link to the Instant Gallery. What a treat to participate in a turning swap with other Wowees (members of the World of Woodturners forum). Participants are paired up by drawing numbers. I swapped a threaded acorn box in exchange for one of Molly Winton's miniature textured hollow forms. What a treat!
This is a picture of Mike Mahoney demonstrating. This shoes the photo frame setup with the plexiglass shield to protect the audience from a thrown bowl.