Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Shopmade Threading Jigs

I am thrilled to have my article "Shop Made Threading Jig" appearing in the current April issue of the American Woodturner which subscribers should be out in early April.. This is the second article of mine the AAW has published. I have  another one due in the June or August issue. You can view or download a copy of the Shop Made Jig article here.   
Making your own jig is not for the faint of heart. It takes some woodworking skill and is probably more suited for someone who likes to make jigs and fixtures than someone that plans to do a lot of threading.  The project of making the jig started more than two years ago. Here is some supplemental material that did not make it into the article. It is a list of vendors, part numbers and prices.

Since I submitted  my article  for publication, I discovered a low cost unit made in the UK.  The EZ Threading Jig is what I use now for 16 tpi and is available from the US distributor here. It is smaller, works more smoothly and is quicker to set up than my shop made jig. I still use my shop made jig when I want 10 TPI. I have submitted a project review of the EZ Threading Jig for Woodturning Design but have no idea when it will be published. I am now working on an article for American Woodturner on how to use a  threading jig.It will include all of the tips and tricks I have gathered from other users as well as a few I discovered on my own.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Southern States Woodturning Symposium

I am looking forward to the Southern States Symposium April 26 -28, 2013. I have attended Southern States every year since I started turning in 2007.  It was an easy commute to Gainesville, taking only about 35 - 45 minutes. With the move to Cartersville it will now require a hotel stay. Fortunately, I still had enough Hilton points from my days as a road warrior to cover my stay at the Hampton Inn.

   I am especially delighted to have been invited to be one of the guest demonstrators.  I will be doing two separate demonstrations on threading as described on the symposium website. I will be demonstrating my shop made threading jig during one of the demonstrations as well as the EZ Threading Jig. The timing is perfect since my article "Shop Made Threading Jig" appears in the April issue of the American Woodturner.

   My preparations for the "Adding Pizazz With a Threading Jig" coincide with the new article I am currently writing for American Woodturner on using threading jigs.

P.S. April 27 post event note: Had a great time. Got some more exotic wood for threading and a new Thompson bowl gouge. Dick Sing's wife makes jewelry and swapped a handmade silver pendant for one of my large acorn threaded boxes. Had a chance to speak with Phil McDonald, AAW Executive Director. Event attendance was down almost 20% from last year.