Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Rub 'n Buff

Rub 'n Buff samples
I picked up this Rub 'n Buff metallic wax technique from watching a Russ Fairfield YouTube on finishing with colored wax and applied it to some chatterwork. I think it gives a very nice effect on the darker Mopani box. Less so on the other two. If you etch your name on the bottom of your dark wood pieces with an engraver or burning tool on, it fills in the spaces and really shows up nice. I bought antique gold but there is also silver and some others. I understand you can buy this stuff at Michaels, but I bought a small tube of  from Amazon for $6.I posted this on a website and one poster, bob Bergstrom, provided this, "You can buy Pearl Ex or other mica powders and mix them with paste wax. That will give you many more colors at a much cheaper price. 40% off coupon at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Once the rub n buff is open it will dry out in the tube. Mica powders can be mixed with lacquer or oil and even sprayed through an airbrush. I dry brush it often and lightly spray lacquer over it."

Saturday, January 5, 2013

More on Threading Cutting

I have been getting ready for my demonstration on January 12 in Homewood, AL with the Alabama Association of Woodturners. It is a long one, 2 1/2 hours compared to the local clubs that generally only take an hour and a half.  I have been trying to do some hand thread chasing at least once a week to maintain and hopefully improve my hand thread chasing. I find it very satisfying making little threaded boxes and experimenting on threading new wood like Mountain Mahogany, Katalox, Bocote, and Zapote. Still holding off threading that small expensive piece of African Blackwood I bought at Woodcraft.

I am excited about being selected to demonstrate a couple of times at the Southern States Woodturning Symposium. I still have to refine my demonstration descriptions but they will probably involve threading. 

I am eagerly awaiting my newest threading toy shown here. It is a threading jig from the UK I bought off eBay. At about $170 it is a bargain compared to the other commercial jigs available costing more than twice as much. It is hard to find but search on eBay using "thread cutting jig". I will be submitting a written product review on this to Woodturning Design magazine after I get some use with it.