Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Thanks, Robo Hippy!

A couple of months ago, a fellow member of one of the woodturning forums that I am active in,,  Reed Grey, aka Robo Hippy, sent me an email asking if I wanted to try some mountain mahogany. Heck yes! He had seen some of my posts on my hand threading successes. A few weeks later this wonderful priority box of Mountain Mahogany showed up on my front porch.

This may be one of the best domestic woods for hand thread chasing. It is very dense and hard as it grows slowly at high altitudes in the dry Southwest. Although a domestic, it is harder for the typical turner to get hold of than English boxwood. Reed had taken a work shop with Stuart and Allan Batty and Allan said it is the only American wood suitable for hand chasing threads.  He detailed his efforts to get this wood in this post a few years ago.

I just sent him my first threaded box of this wood. Here are some pictures.

Thanks again Robo Hippy for your spirit of sharing and generosity.