Saturday, October 22, 2011

Richard Raffan Demonstration

What a great Saturday! Fellow Chattahoochee Woodturner, Dave Martin, and I drove to Chattanooga to see an all day Richard Raffan demo at the local Woodcraft store. The demonstration was a real treat. There were only about a dozen of us in attendance so we had a great opportunity to interact with questions and get up close to watch since there was no audio visual support. We all had lunch together at a local pizza joint. In the afternoon, Richard gave me an opportunity to try my hand at his back hollowing technique for end grain. That was exciting! We also got a chance to see his technique for rolling a series of beads on the outside of a bowl. That was fascinating to watch.

As a bonus, David and I each were able to buy the BIG Alan Lacer skew for half price. At 3/8” by 1 3/8” it has twice the mass of a typical one inch skew which really provides control and dampens vibration. Sweet.

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