Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Useful Turning Accessories From Harbor Freight

I have found a lot of useful and inexpensive things at Harbor Freight for turning. I thought I would provide this PDF file list of some of the handy and cheap stuff I have found. I know some folks like to bash "Harbor Fright" and cheap Chinese stuff. And that is OK but would hope you would hold those negative comments until you have taken the time to look at the list.

Anyone else find some useful turning accessories there that I did not mention? My lists includes not only my ideas but also those offered by posters on who responded to my post and list there on 9/28/11.

Normal disclaimer is that I get no payment from HF for my endorsements. Just a lot of cheap stuff that fits a niche need for this frugal turner!


  1. I started using some of the HF tools. I started turning again the first part of this year. I do appreciate your videos and I will be joining a turning chapter at the end of this month.

  2. Thanks for the comment. Good luck with your turning and glad my videos are useful to yo

  3. Mike, I retired two years ago and six months new at wood turning. I recently purchased a new Porter Cable 14" band saw 931/2". Any recommendations as to where I can purchase wood turners band saw blades and your recommendation teeth per inch. I'm using 4 teeth per inch. If I'm not mistaken, in your video I believe you said you use 3 teeth per inch. I'm turning 10" bowls up to 6" high. You have been quite an inspiration to me. I watch your how to videos. When I have a problem in my wood turning I turn to your videos. Thank you so much for your time.Jack Boardman, Ohio

  4. You are truly doing a great service for new wood turners.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. I don't get many comments posted to my website. Not sure why.

  5. Yes, I use a 3/8" 3 tpi blade. The first ones I got from Highland Woodworking located here in Atlanta and they do a big on line business. Since then I have been buying them from They offer a blade just like the Highland Woodworking’s Turners blade for green wood but 40% cheaper for an order of 5. Shipping is about $10.