Wednesday, August 31, 2011


tre•en•ware pronounced [tree-uhn-wair] is a noun that means household utensils, dishes, etc., made entirely of wood.

Lately it seems I have been bombarded with exposure to treenware. I was recently visiting Peter Lamb, a woodturner in Bluffton, SC who showed me some beautiful salad forks he makes. Then I watched a demonstration by Ron Brown on making kitchenware at the Gwinnett Woodworkers. You can see some of his items here. This got me started making spatulas which are kind of fun and fairly easy to make. My son Brian is a "Foodie" and took a couple of my spatulas. After using he gave his approval saying they were "better than plastic." Then I receive my latest issue of "Woodworkers Journal", Oct 2011 and see a great article on making salad forks. They even had a free VIDEO.

If you want to make spatulas and don't want to wait til Ron Brown comes out with his DVD check out this tutorial on making SPATULAS.

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